Lisa Snellings is creating : An Art Book About Fear, and A Poppet Tarot

How I do the things. And sometimes Why.

$1 /mo
You will be a Patron! You'll get to be part of the day to day process through my Patrons-only feed.  I'll use pictures, video and writing to show the day's progress.

There may be cats.

Participate! Fun Downloadable Stuff!

$5 /mo
Fun downloads you can color, cut, upcycle and share. AND you can post your creations on the Poppet Planet Facebook page.  And access to my Patron feed from the previous tier.  And my deepest thanks!

The Room Inside My Head

$10 /mo
 You'll get the deeper story. And downloads exclusive to this tier. More behind the scenes stuff.  I'll  share inspirations and insecurities as they happen.  Even the embarrassing ones. And you'll ...

Art Bits

$25 /mo
First Reward is a copy of Poppet, An Introduction. Then, physical bits: sketches, prints, mock ups.  For example, I'll create a background painting, then send you an actual piece of it. Signed and ...

The Poppet Illuminati

$50 /mo
You will get a never seen before poppety thing available nowhere else, about every other month.  It will be wonderfully strange. And strangely wonderful.  And very secret.

  And everything from ...


Recognition for the Ages

$100 /mo
You will get a personal mention in the acknowledgements pages of Night Birds.  A signed copy of the first regular edition of the book. A hand written thank you. My deepest gratitude forever.  Inclu...