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Thi is what you`ll get:
  • an automated thank you message! wow! (if i can figure out how to set this up)
  • the warm feeling of supporting a stranger in their pursuit of happiness!
  • less money in your bank account!
  • 1 Karma
  • my eternal gratitude

This tier might be for you if you are an awesome human and
  • sadly do not have the moneys
  • also secretly a mighty dragon who has to sit on all the moneys for comfort
  • would rather spend your hard earned moneys on real stuff
  • saving up to fill a giant pool with coins to skinny dip (not judging, but please remember to desinfect the coins, because - yuck)

Is this worth it? I feel like this is worth it.


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What to expect:
  • see all the fun and important content i`m posting for patreons only
  • sneak peaks into all the projects i`ll start with full motivation but may never finish
  • be part of a thriving community of all my non-existent followers
  • love and affection from a strange human being
  • all the things in the previous tier
  • 1 extra karma

are you:
  • a secret millionaire who wants to stay secret but still gives some of his moneys to weird people?
  • the most amazing poor person who ever existed?
  • a lizard who found 3 moneys on the street and wants to give them all away because you have no comprehension of the concept of money?
then this might be just the thing for you!

Your generosity won`t be in vain!

this is actually cool

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behold the benefits!
  • a handwritten postcard with a print of one of my drawings on the front
  • the feeling of having friends who would actually write to you
  • probably some very valuable, insightful wisdom in writing
  • the constant fear of knowing some stranger on the internet knows your exact home adress

you want this! but only if you are
  • someone who has no friends but 7 moneys to spend
  • a maniac who collects postcards for no reason and displays them in fancy frames on the outside wall of their house
  • sexually attracted to semi-pretty handwriting

i would buy this if i were you. the constant fear really pays off.




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ok to be honest, at this point - i have no fishing idea how to paint you a compelling picture of how you can join me on this journey. i do not know what this journey will be. where are we going? why are we going there? should we even leave the house? isn`t it dangerous out there? no idea. i am completely winging it here. so - buckle up, i guess! let`s see what happens, shall we?
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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