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is creating the April APL compiler and more Common Lisp tools

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About Phantomics Lisp Software

Phantomics stands at the crossroads of effective implementation and approachable design. Our flagship product is the April APL compiler, bringing the power of the APL to a new generation of developers through the medium of Common Lisp. But April is just the beginning, one star in a constellation of software tools that will address computation, graphics, human/computer interface design and more. Your support helps us to make this software free for everyone to use.

April compiles the APL language into Common Lisp code, allowing you to leverage the power of APL with more data sources and external systems than ever before. April can be used for machine learning, graphics work and more. You can try it out today as simply as evaluating (ql:quickload 'april) in your Common Lisp REPL.

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