is creating sad songs for fun times <3
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  • Access to the A.W.F.C. Instagram
  • Handwritten Welcome Postcard (in the mail!)
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About A.W.

What is A.W.?

My name is A.W. and I am a band called A.W. — I live in Los Angeles and I make sad songs for fun times. I've spent my young adult life spilling my guts to strangers because music was always it for me. I went pro after college and never looked back.

I've been through two labels, three booking agents, and a handful of publishers. I played a peanut festival in Alabama once. I played Warped Tour twice. I've been the opening band (and backup singer) for the late great Lou Reed. I held a koala on tour in Australia and helped rescue a puppy on tour in Arizona. I've crossed the USA in a van more times than I can count. After my band and I crashed our Econoline in Wyoming and walked away unscathed, my parents advised I find a new profession. That was five years ago. 

Over the course of my career, I've earned a small but mighty following the only way I know how – I write from the heart and I share my experiences. The traditional music industry model has never really worked for me, but I'm able to keep writing and keep touring because of you – the folks who've found something meaningful in my music. Some have been watching from the beginning, and some are brand new. Either way, thank you for listening. <3

What is 'membership' and what is Patreon?

Welcome to the next wave of listener-funded music. When you become a Patron, you’ve officially joined the A.W.F.C – Fan Club, Friends Club, Feelings Club, Football Club – this community is what keeps the dream alive. Patreon makes it super easy for you to contribute monthly at tiered levels of support. Each level comes with its own perks. Read more about them here. I’ve always been a DIY kid at heart, which is why Patreon is so exciting. Your generous contributions ensure I can spend fewer hours at my day job and more hours making music, shooting videos, designing merch, and touring the world.

What do subscribers get in return for supporting A.W. on Patreon?

As a member of the A.W.F.C., you’ll have early access to everything I release, plus exclusive behind the scenes updates, first dibs on tickets, and merch discount codes. You’ll be invited to join me for monthly live streamed shows and you can even get a monthly physical merch package. Plus, you'll be part of a community of like-minded folks who want to keep independent music alive.

Can $5/mo really make a difference?

According to Spotify stats, around 30,000 people stream my music monthly for free. If even a fraction of those folks subscribed at $5/mo, I'd easily be able to make a new record every year. Can you imagine?! So the answer is YES.

More ways to support...

So many ways. My online merch store is open 24/7. I have a wishlist with all sorts of gear I've got my eye on. Do you have a big open space and want to host a living room show at your house? Submit your spot here! And you can always share this page, put me on your playlists, and just spread the word. <3

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