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About Literary Roadhouse

Literary Roadhouse is a micro-network of literary podcasts where readers and writers discuss fiction that excites them.

Currently producing three shows:
  • Literary Roadhouse: One Short Story, Once a Week - each week four diverse hosts discuss a short story that is freely available online so that listeners can read with us; we consciously choose stories that emerge from different races, cultures, faiths, and genders
  • Literary Roadhouse Book Club - a monthly book club discussion of contemporary, diverse fiction that features guest authors, both indie and traditional, on each episode, as well as three regular hosts
  • The Bradbury Challenge - three writers take on Ray Bradbury's challenge to write one short story each week, then discuss their experience and offer each other support

We're growing, and growth incurs cost. Passion and day jobs currently pay for our sound editing software, advertising, and hosting expenses, but we're ambitious. We want to expand the network and add more shows. We have interested hosts, but lack the finances and manpower to fund that growth.

Your sponsorship will not only support our network and hosts, but also the aspiring authors and poets whose work we feature. Our mission is to demystify literary fiction and prove that it isn't stuffy. We're committed to championing diverse fiction across genres, and believe that this is the best method to attract new readers to smart, rich storytelling from around the world.

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