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Launched at Linux Conference Australia in January 2018,  and the work of Rosie Williams (BA Sociology), AusGovInfo has received well over 2 millions of hits with data used in campaigns from anti-racism to the transparency of religious charities.

A previous version launched at the end of 2012 existed as BudgetAus. Rosie created the first complete open dataset of the Australian Federal Budget back in 2012 for BudgetAus which was originally intended as a learning project. Once she realised how few projects were using open data to inform transparency and accountability, Rosie opted to continue with these projects. 

AusGovInfo is the result of a decade of full time work. You can read more about Rosie's work on the about page. Articles which help explain and interpret the data are on the home page.

There are several projects at AusGovInfo, all of which rely on nearly 100 open government datasets which combine to provide a more complete picture of how money flows through and between the government. There is a lot of information in these projects and they are best viewed on a larger screen. 

TAX - The tax project provides tax data for top-earning corporations doing business in Australia as well as providing amounts provided by these corporations to registered political parties, their associated entities, third parties & political and electoral campaigners. 

This project also maps franking credits, HELP debt & net rent by electorate.


This project provides drill down money received by political parties, their associated entities, third parties & political and electoral campaigners with analysis of how much each of these types of entity receives that is publicly accounted for and how much is not (ie dark money).

Paid by Category-money paid to the above entities by entities categorised as businesses, associated entities, third parties, campaigners, individuals, political parties, industry associations, charities, trusts & estates, universities, lobbyists & their clients.

Users can also drill down just on monies received by political parties alone.


This project takes grants published between January 2018 and mid March 2021 and filters them by the Portfolio and Senior Minister responsible. 
Analysis is provided by electorate and marginality so that users can see which Ministers have provided grants to which electorate and which have made the greatest proportion of grants (within each portfolio) to marginal, fairly safe or safe electorates.

The #CensusFail project was a research and advocacy project which formed my submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the 2016 Census. My submission was cited twice in the final report. I was in a position to understand the privacy implications of de-anonymising the census from my work integrating open administrative government data. That is, government data that is made publicly available on organisations and individuals by government where they influence the political process. 

Censuses collect personal information on private individuals and linking them across portfolios for the purposes of charting each individuals' life from cradle to grave is a huge ethical, privacy and security issue. Despite the strong opposition to the plan, the government has proceeded with it.

As you can see, there is an enormous amount of work which needs to be funded in order to continue. Crowd funding by the public is my sole source of income and as I am yet to receive even a minimum wage for what I have done, your support is much needed and much appreciated.

If you'd rather make a one-off payment direct to my account you can do so using the following details:
Account Name: Rose Williams
Bank: St George
BSB: 112-908
Account number: 485 746 256
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Donors can enter any monthly amount they wish. The total of all donations is paid out to me at the beginning of each month. 

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