Mike Patterson (Mike Littledog) is creating guitar music -- WORLD going by... TOUR

TOUR Passenger

$2 /mo
Access to archived and new videos, be notified of new events, post your Comments to the community !

TOUR Tripper

$5 /mo
Access to posts and all new videos. Be part of the community and share comments.

TOUR Trooper

$10 /mo
For ten dollars or more monthly, you can request covers of songs, and receive a Metis Talking Stick custom crafted by Dr. Mike !

TOUR Guide

$20 /mo
For those also interested in Guitar mentoring, music instruction, one-on-one sessions online monthly or by arrangement. Another possibility would be a live performance or workshop.

TOUR Creator

$50 /mo
A live performance by Dr. Mike and special guests from the TOUR in Ottawa or environs. Or perhaps, suggest and commission a new musical work!!