Lacey Ellis is creating LittleHoots (Never lose a memory!)

LittleHoots Angel

$4 /mo
You're a Godsend. You'll get 30% off products forever. (Well, ahem, as long as you are a patron) Just in time for gifts this holiday season! Discount is good on all products including books.

LittleHoots Royalty

$8 /mo
It's good to be queen (or king)! You will receive free and UNLIMITED design packs. If we get just 500 patrons at this level, we'll make sure you get a BRAND NEW design pack every single month. Your...

LittleHoots Master Memory Keeper

$20 /mo
You'll be the first to get one of the MemoryWindow frames featured in the videos. They are a first-run exclusive and limited to 200. (because, ahem, we'll be making them by hand) Plus! they'll come...

LittleHoots Honorary Team Member

$50 /mo
You'll be invited to monthly google hangouts to discuss the product. Weigh in on what changes you want! You'll play a huge role in shaping the future of LittleHoots. We're making this available to ...