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About Littlejem

(Edit 03/07/18 - I have changed to first patron payment upfront for new patrons!)

ALSO the link i create to my Photo sets each month only last approximately one month, meaning you are unable to receive sets before your pledge! 

HiHi! My name is Jemima but you probably know me as Littlejem, or Jem :). I'm currently located in the United Kingdom. I Love making friends with people who share the same interest...even if im probably the shyest cosplayer you'll meet!

Which brings me to my main goal, I want to use cosplay to get me out of my hermit shell and meet as many of you as possible! I'm just an ordinary games/anime/geeky fan and cosplayer. But since I was very young i have always been fascinated with impersonating other characters and crafting what i thought were master pieces....

I started making and wearing cosplays in 2015, and since then its been a complete obsession. Cosplay became a strong passion for me as it really helped balance my emotions through some of the toughest times in my life, I was able to give my mind a rest as I solely concentrated on crafting. On top of this I've always naturally been extremely shy and judgemental of myself however, cosplay has meant that I am able to lessen my social anxiety and connect with some of the most interesting and kind people; my followers. 

With the help of my patreon subscribers I can bring better quality photos, videos, tutorials, costumes and even travel to your country! Having patreon will create a mutual benefit between me and my subscribers in as many ways possible. 
I want to be able to dedicate more time in learning and educating ways to craft as well as spending more time with you guys on streams! I will not stop posting free content on my social media accounts, but by having patreon it means I can produce even more content for everyone who enjoys what I do and wants to be more involved! Every costume I make I learn at least one new thing, which means I can constantly show and learn with you, and grow.

I love to try all different types of cosplay!

Detailed Armour:

Casual versions of characters:

Combination of styles:

I have many new and unexplored styles that im eager to try as well as expanding my skills with past techniques! 

Patreon allows me to live my dream whilst giving back my happiness to you, so to everyone whether you decide to pledge or not, thank you so much for reading this and supporting me in each way. Ever since I've started crafting its been all of you who have encouraged me and made me feel less lonely, it honestly means the world to me. I promise that every pledge will go towards my dream so my journey will be a full one. No matter what reason you follow me, I am massively grateful for you checking out my patreon :D Thank you!!!

$5,000 - reached! per month
I did not expect to get this far :') <3
If i reach this goal I will buy a Time lapse camera to set up in the areas I work and I can bring regular neat videos showing the process <3
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