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Patrons who donate $5 or more will be invited to weekly livestreams with LittleKuriboh where he watches episode of Yu-Gi-Oh live with you.  In addition, these pledgers will receive a free copy of our kinetic novel, Marik and Bakura Go To Censored Town (once confirming their age).

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This level will allow you to be invited to voice chat with LittleKuriboh as he streams his reaction to Yu-Gi-Oh episodes weekly! All previous incentives included.

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This tier gives you a patron-exclusive 15% discount code on Shark Robot! Get your nerd on and get decked out with sweet shirts and posters. All previous incentives included.




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About Littlekuriboh

LittleKuriboh: The Man, The Myth, The Content

Martin "LittleKuriboh" Billany has been making parody shorts since 2006, when YouTube was in its infancy.  Since then, he has made hundreds of videos released only in his spare time.  He has been affectionately referred to as the "Father of Abridging", as he is responsible for starting the popular abridged movement on YouTube.

Now it's time to get serious about making video production his job.  For the last few years, his main source of income has been from conventions, professional voiceover work, as well as the occasional odd job.  However, because of this schedule, it's difficult to dedicate the amount of time necessary to making a lot of content regularly.  That's where you guys come in.

Where Is My Money Going?

Donating to this Patreon will allow us to do several things:

  1.  It will allow us financially to cut down on convention appearances, keeping Martin closer to home and making it easier for him to keep a regular schedule of releases. Selling t-shirts at conventions comprises a large portion of our income. However, it's physically and emotionally draining to be away from home for so long, and it's frustrating to be taken away from creative pursuits. As sad as we'll be to miss out on seeing our fans, we need and want to re-prioritize our time. 
  2.  It will allow us to begin paying editors to help us with the most tedious part of the process: stringing the videos together.  If editors are getting paid, they're able to prioritize deadlines, which means we can actually create and maintain consistent production schedules.  This means that Martin can write and film or voice act for videos, pass them to the editor to finish, and move on to the next project in the schedule.
  3.  It will allow us to branch out and explore new projects without affecting the release of the current ones too drastically (Mark Remark, YuGiOh Abridged, and other ideas we've been conceptualizing). This will also help us to keep things fresh, as one person working on 2-3 projects without ever mixing things up can lead to creative stagnation.
  4. Once we get into certain budget brackets, we can start saving to rent studio space, or to purchase a home with space that can be converted into an area dedicated to video production--whichever ends up being cheaper on a monthly basis.  Currently, we only have a small room in an apartment with no room for proper equipment, as well as a "recording studio" (closet) that shares a wall with a noisy air conditioner for the building, making work difficult in the summertime.  Our quality would go up, and our production time would go down.

In closing, we wanted to say thank you.  We've only make it this far because of your support, and that means the world to us.  For everyone who's watched a video, attended our panels, or even emailed us just to say hello, you're the reason why we were able to continue and why we fight so hard to keep making content in the first place.  Not many people can say they have a fanbase as generous and as kind as you guys.
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