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About Little Porpoise

Hi there and welcome to Little Porpoise's Patreon! :)

I'm so happy that my comics have resonated with people across Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and the rest of the wild, wild internet. The journey to get here has been unexpectedly amazing and I can't thank my community of fans, friends, and supporters enough. You've filled my world with positivity and I hope I continue to make you laugh or gasp or be a little confused until somebody explains the slightly-too-subtle joke.

So, let's talk Patreon. For those that don't know, Patreon enables people to support artists that they enjoy through small monthly donations.

Since I'm a terrible salesman, this is all I have to say about that: I'd love if these comics can remain a part of my life—I get as much if not more than my readers do from them.

If you can spare a couple bucks per month to help make that a reality, that's awesome, I love you, and I will try to give you some cool bonus content to make it worth your while.

If you can't spare a couple bucks, I still love you and hope you continue to enjoy my comics. Making people smile is the main goal and always will be. This is a guilt trip free zone!  :)

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Going to print out the first $2 and frame it... somehow.
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