little translator is creating Fairytale & Folktale Translations

$1 - Early releases!

$1 /creation
You will gain early (and continuous) access to all fairy tale e-books and folktale article translations in all formats.

$2 - Backstage pass!

$2 /creation
Watch the translations unfold on Google docs, see what projects are in the queue, ask any questions you please, and maybe even vote for upcoming projects. Not to mention, I'll share links to other ...

$15 - Your own personal folktale!

$15 /creation
Each quarter when I translate a folktale, I'll translate an additional folktale just for you. :D

$30 - Folktale swap!

$30 /creation
Do you love translating folklore or fairy tales, too? 

When I publish a folktale, I'll provide feedback on one of your fairytale/folktale translations, originating from any language ...