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is creating spiritual art and shamanic healing

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I am developing my benefits, so to start with my $5 backers will have access to high resolution versions of my art to print off for personal use. 




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I’m Emma Saanen, known as Littlewolfgoat (my chosen name) and Sidhehound (my spirit name that was gifted to me). I’m a spirit-led wolf-child and I am here to support the co-creation of a more magical world. I express my purpose through my animistic practice and my visionary art.

I’ve been following an animistic path for over 14 years, finding my feet in 2016 as I worked through a close family bereavement. In the past I have trained in Wicca and Druidcraft, but neither were right for me. I am currently taking part in Shamanic Practitioner Training with Twobirds of Embracing Shamanism. I have a BA(Hons) in Environmental Art from the Glasgow School of Art, but that has very little bearing on my practice these days.

I am following my own path of healing, as I work with my fibromyalgia, depression, and my emotional intensity disorder. It has been a challenge, but things are looking bright right now.

I love the natural world, and I am working on getting to know my local land. I share my home with two cats, and my nesting partner. When I am not making magic, I enjoy reading non-fiction, playing games on my Switch, journalling, and having a wee cup of tea.

Would you like to join me on my journey? 

Littlewolfgoat is my blog, and is the hub of my online presence. I write about my creative pursuits, my spirituality, my veganism, my health, and my life experiences. My work gives voice to the spirits of the natural world, and reflects my aspirations for a kinder future for our one planet. I experiment with upcycled materials and photoshop, alongside drawing and painting in more conventional ways. 

Sidhehound is my spirtual practice. I am midway through a Two Year Shamanic Practitioner Training course taught by Twobirds of Embracing Shamanism. I offer services as a healer on a donation basis.

My dream is to offer creative and spiritual services to my community that is accessible to all, while allowing me to earn a modest living. 

As my Patreon you can support me in creating accessible content for everyone, including:

  • WIP shots of my art, crafts, and blogs. 
  • Weekly tarot and oracle reading.
  • Advance look at my finished work.
  • Guided meditations.
  • (For $5 Patreons only) High resolution digital downloads of my art that you can print for yourself. 
Your support will help me cover the costs of the materials I need for my creative and shamanic practices. In time, I hope to be able to work on these endeavours full-time.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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