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Exclusive access to video of  Liturgy + chamber orchestra performing the live-score version of Origin of the Alimonies in October 2018 at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, after one month,  and to the patron-only RSS feeds at my philosophical website, and 10% off merch in addition to benefits from the above tier.  

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About Liturgy

This page is here to provide access to the philosophical and dramatic dimensions of my work directly to supporters of Liturgy, and to connect personally to kindred spirits.  Support goes to the development of OIOION, my opera cycle.  The next phase of development is the completion of a film version of Origin of the Alimonies that we can release in 2020.   

In return, I’ll be sharing a wide variety of content including original music and unreleased material, patron-only texts and videos, and I’m offering real-time video stream discussion to a limited number of Patrons at higher tiers; a group seminar devoted to philosophical projects and one-on-one sessions where we can discuss literally anything you want about music, philosophy and life.   Consider these discussions schizoanalytic or pedagogical-theraputic; no one has bit yet, but it's something I'm interested in so we'll see.   

OIOION is a four-part multimedia opera cycle which combines classical, metal and trap music to presents a new mythic account of world history along with a new philosophical basis for emancipatory politics.   The story follows OIOION and SHEYMN, a pair of divine beings whose thwarted love tears a wound from which civilization is generated, producing the Four Alimonies of the intelligible universe and the task of collective emancipation.

The opera extends beyond the stage into a more general effort to create and sustain collective power and courage, using an experimental theory-and-practice called Perichoresis, which is a precise and ongoing synthesis of art, religion, and politics.  I draw on themes and structures from psychoanalysis, marxism, DIY culture, the avant garde, and occultism with the aim of generating a heightened sense of what is genuinely possible, an amplification of vulnerable sincerity, and an affirmation of intellectual difficulty.

I want to spread and collectively develop a vision of  “apocalyptic humanism”, the desire for a new post-capitalist mode of production at the limit of imagination: the concrete victory of love over death in the form of the birth of God, staged as human nature’s self-transformation into music.
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