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Access to my Patreon Activity Feed and get early access to my videos! So you can be the first to watch and comment on them!
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Basically, just because 1.00$ isn't quite enough :) -- But I'll also follow you on Twitter for as long as you are a patron! Make sure to have your Twitter on your Patreon profile so I can follow you! Plus, all rewards above!
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I'll send you a `Live Free and DIY` sticker and you'll still get all the rewards above!




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About Live Free and DIY

Howdy, I'm Lew!

I'm a Christ Follower, Husband, Father of three, Pet Owner of eleven cats and four dogs (and counting), Goat Herder of seven, Chicken Wrangler of three, WordPress & PHP Developer, Server Administrator, Maker, and more.

I love learning, working with my hands, and sharing the stuff I'm working on with people like you! From stuff like setting up a cheap VPN to watch Doctor Who online, building and making stuff in my shop, working with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, and more.

I set up Patreon to help fund my videos on YouTube. With your support I can keep releasing regular original content to hopefully inspire future makers.

How does it work?

I always plan on making my how-to content free, regardless of the amount of support I receive. When you sign up as a patron, you’ll know that this money goes directly into helping me create new content, get better tools and equipment; all to work on more projects for you to watch and learn from!

What you get out of it

First, everyone who supports me through Patreon gets access to my Patreon-only feed. Where I'll post updates that no one else will see. I'll also be posting all of my videos early on Patreon, so you'll see them here first! After that, the level you select will determine the rewards you get, from stickers, t-shirts and even producer credits on my videos!
$1.83 of $300 per month
I'll be able to add a better drill press to my arsenal of tools!
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