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is creating content on longevity science and how to slow & reverse aging

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About Aastha Jain

Hi everyone! My name is Aastha Jain and I geek out on all things related to longevity science, health, fitness, nutrition, and how to slow & reverse aging. I believe we can reverse aging in our lifetimes and live to be healthier in our old age too. If you wish to support my work, you will be supporting the following projects:

  1. Live Longer World Podcast: Through my podcast, I interview researchers, scientists, biotech entrepreneurs, investors, and other advocates transforming the field of longevity science. I bring important information from the labs to the public!
  2. Live Longer World Newsletter: My newsletter aims to explain the basics of longevity science in simple language and focuses on longevity lifestyle hacks you can implement in your life right now to optimize health!
  3. Live Longer World YouTube: My YouTube contains the video versions of the podcast episodes.
  4. Longevity Store: This website includes a compilation of longevity products to use to optimize health, including products recommended by experts such as David Sinclair
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