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About Liveng Proof

Hi! I’m Engrid Latina and in October of 2016 I launched a podcast in my spare time. It's called the Liveng Proof Podcast and it's a mix of topics including eating disorder recovery, reclaiming our mental & emotional health, intuitive eating, wellness without obsession, healing from trauma, addiction recovery, & different modalities of healing.

My intention is that these conversations:
  • Encourage women to build back trust from within
  • Inspire them to reclaim their power
  • Invite them to get curious about the rules they’ve been [unconsciously] living by

You can listen to it on iTunes HERE & Spotify HERE

Making this podcast was born out of my own love of podcasts. In the three years I’ve been producing the show I’ve heard from so many of my listeners about how much this podcast has changed their lives. I decided I want to keep making the show and there are a few ways I can make this happen. One would be to join a large podcast network. Another would be through sponsorships with advertising on the show...but TBH I haven’t felt called to pursue either of these.

Even after three years, I feel like the podcast is still growing and evolving. As it stands now, it’s still just me solo-producing each episode and my amazing squad of listeners. I’d really love to grow to the point where I could have a team and more importantly better serve YOU.

If you enjoy the show I hope you'll contribute. I want to be a highlight in your day, once a week, and hope you'll find enough value in that, to support my efforts. So if you haven't already give the show a listen. If you like it, if it resonates: share it with your friends. And if you feel called to, please consider donating to help me continue to create it.

Lots of Love,

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