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Hey Sensates~

What’s Going on?

We are overwhelmed by the love and support of our Sense8 Family around the world. Support comes in so many forms of expression and not everyone can support in the same way. For some, the only way they can or want to support us is with basic stuff; shout-outs on social media, gushing about us to random people on the street, or reviews on iTunes. This support is awesome. We adore your gushing and sharing!

Unfortunately, we can't pay bills with all that love. Maybe someday when Sensates are in charge, love will be our currency. But for now Netflix and our local grocery store still expect us to pay with cash. So, until Sensates rule the world, we are asking you to help us at whatever level you can.

We have this supporter campaign for 3 reasons...

1. Because if we're going to continue producing content, we need some cash money to justify it. Producing the show takes a lot of time each week. It may sound like fun and games but it takes research, preparing, editing and producing to sound like we are just hanging in your living room geeking out on Sense8.

2. We want to give you a way to support us and also to get extra cluster love and cool perks. On air shout outs, exclusive digital LiveSense8 goodies, Live Chats and Unedited Q&As. Stuff like that. Instead of just begging for money we want to create tons of added value.

3. We want to fill the world with Sensates. We think humans (yes all of us) have far more potential than we realize so we are calling out our Limbic Resonance and giving it a voice.
We have dedicated our lives to living a Sensate way of being and we (selfishly) want more awesome people to play with, so we are inviting you to our Super Consciousness party. Offering a deeper dive into the super senses.

We imagine in a world where humanity consciously claims its highest Senses, there will be no need for aggressive discrimination. The Plot of conflict will dissolve and collaboration will be our way of life. Creativity will be our new motivation.

So that's it. The Podcast is striving for a world in which everyone remembers we are not just a me, we are also a WE. Who's in?

What is the podcast about?

Live Sense8, a podcast hosted by Sheila Applegate and Zac Hansen, is an episode by episode exploration of one of Netflix’s most beloved shows. (Anyone in the Global Cluster of Sensates will confirm how beloved Sense8 really is) Sense8 has surpassed the impact of entertainment to create a culture of connections among people from around the world.

Sense8, created by Unpronounceable Productions (The Wachowskis and J Michael Straczynski) explores the supernatural, telepathy, culture, sexuality and much more. In Live Sense8 Sheila and Zac dive into these concepts of consciousness to see if living a Sense8 life style is possible. As Co-Founders of Consciously Awesome, a program that teaches people to live a life of higher consciousness that includes communication with the non-physical, Sheila and Zac bring a unique perspective to the Sense8 community.

So here is our pledge to you.

  • We will listen to what you want to hear.
  • We will produce content you are interested in that relates to Sense 8, Life Style, and Conscious Living. 
  • We will do our best to constantly improve the quality of that content.

Are you in?
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We are building up momentum! Keep it up Sensates.
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