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We’re Michael and Sophia Miracolo, a married Swedish-American couple who switched out busy, stressful (not to mention expensive) lives in Manhattan, New York, for a much quieter everyday on an island in the archipelago outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Together, we run the blog Live Slow Run Far and an Instagram account by the same name, that focus on all the topics we hold dear - for example eco-friendly food, sustainability, running, vegetable growing and downshifting. (The list is indeed long.)

Where did the career focus, desire to make lots of money and frivolous consumption habits go though? We don’t quite know. Maybe they were shed among the blueberry bushes one of those sunny summer days. Perhaps we left them behind as we rolled up our sleeves, dug a massive vegetable patch and realized manual labor is one heck of a fulfilling thing. All we know is that a quiet life without much stress is where we feel our best, and that it’s 100% worth it to minimize your costs of living in order to get more time to do what you love.

Most assume Sophia (the native Swede of our duo) blackmailed Michael into agreeing to move to the Swedish countryside. Truthfully speaking though, it was all Michael’s idea. It’s debated to this day if he was simply high on too much ice cream at the time, but one evening in the summer of 2016, he suggested we pack up our bags, escape the hamster wheel and shoot for a much different life across an entire ocean. Said and done. We’ve called this red-painted little house surrounded by tall trees our home for nearly 3 years now, and it’s all we could have ever asked for. (Well, almost. A sauna would be terrific.)

On our blog, you’ll find seasonal, plant based and cheap recipes in abundance, as well as in-depth posts on themes such as vegetable growing for beginners, how to downshift, money saving measures and training plans.

Why support us if we choose to put this out for free? Well, we honestly believe that sharing content for free is the way to go - but that unfortunately doesn’t pay any bills. We want to be able to continue producing the stuff that you guys love, and do even more of it. More material, better quality and less stress putting it together, in other words. Future dream projects include a podcast, books and more useful guides on everything from sustainability to ultra running, and by supporting us, you would help us help the world become a better place.

Furthermore, we absolutely despise websites overrun with ads. Therefore, we feel very strongly about keeping ours free of any banners, pop ups and whatever other godforsaken things one typically has to scroll by to get to where one really wants to go. We have a feeling there are more of us out there, so by supporting us, you’ll help us stay true to that commitment.

By choosing to support us with a monthly donation, you would get us one step closer towards our goal of making Live Slow Run Far our full time job. And when that life dream of ours comes true, it would mean we get to spend our time and energy trying to inspire more people to chase theirs.

We would love it if you’d like to join our community here, and send our most sincere thank you to those who choose to become patrons.
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Help us get to 100! When we have reached this level, we’ll produce and release an e-book full of easy, cheap and delicious recipes to all of our Patreon supporters. The book will feature some of our most loved recipes as well as some new material, and cover all four seasons. (In other words, a legit e-book and not just a pamphlet.) A milestone for us for sure!
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