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Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Livicole (you can also call me Liv, Livi or Olivia!) ♥
I'm a cosplayer, costume maker, model, sometimes streamer? Idk,I like to make stuff and take pretty pictures! I started cosplaying in 2015, but it wasn't until 2017 that I really started to take it "seriously" and focus ALL MY TIME AND MONEY AND LIFE on it. I make costumes ranging from "big" armor builds, to small casual characters, and yes, boudoir cosplay! I really love pushing myself to not only create bigger and better costumes all the time, but to create as many as possible. No joke - I created 38 costumes in 2018, not including boudoir or swimsuit cosplays!

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Please know that it took a lot for me to start up a patreon. I've been very hesitant about it for a long time, and I am in no way expecting many people to sign up. However, those of you that do choose to,  I am SO FREAKING grateful for the support and will honestly never be able to thank you enough! Your support will help me to keep making costumes, keep doing photo shoots, going to conventions, and just in general to be able to share more content with you all.

As I do not feel right locking my regular cosplay content behind a subscription service (and since Instagram shadowbans me for posting any of my lewd content), I will be using Patreon as a platform to share my boudoir and lewd cosplays/modeling only right now. There will still occasionally be non-lewd cosplay rewards, whether it be extra photos from a shoot I really liked or PC/phone wallpapers, but you can expect the majority of my rewards to be boudoir/lewd. If that's not your thing, I totally understand! There are other ways to support my costume making like Ko-Fi or my Amazon wishlist!

Unfortunately, cosplay is not my full time job, and it is a very time-consuming expensive hobby. As such, I am keeping my rewards very simple for nowShould enough of you guys want more prints, stickers, or any other kind of physical rewards in the future, that is definitely something I am willing to consider doing! For now, I just want to be able to bring you EVEN MORE content than what I post on my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

**Sharing the exclusive photos you get anywhere or with anyone is a bannable offense! These rewards are for my Patron's eyes only - if anyone ever messages you asking you to share the photos with them, please let me know immediately!**

Even if you can't become a patron, your support just by simply liking, commenting on and sharing my content is very much appreciated.


As mentioned, I will only be using Patreon as a platform to share my boudoir and lewd cosplays/modeling right now, so all of my tiers aside from the Tip Jar can expect to get some kind of boudoir/lewd content! If you want access to the MOST lewd content - exclusive boudoir/implied shots (NEVER NUDES), boudoir selfies, and behind the scenes video clips and photos from boudoir photo shoots, sign up for the boudoir+ tier or prints tier! My boudoir+ tier is currently the most popular tier I offer, so check out what all the hype is about!

GIF video clips by:
Poison Ivy & Catwoman: @ktlfilms
Photos by:
Midnight & Toga: @livicolecosplay
Zelda: @amiephotos
Black Cat & Aries:
Quiet: @bquezadapd
Morrigan Swimsuit: @parker_photography_
General Beatrix: @davidsohno
Eileen: @vfxportraits
Harley Quinn: @mdavidphotography
Boudoir Morrigan & Boudoir Asuka: @graceandshinephoto
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Tip Jar
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For those who just want to show their support!

  • You'll get early access to WIP photos, behind the scenes photos, and cosplan announcements on my Patreon feed.
  • 1-2 phone wallpapers from my photo sets each month!
  • Access to my Patron only Discord server!
Includes Discord rewards
Sneak Peek
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Get access to all the previous tiers' rewards, plus:

  • Access to ONE monthly digital HD photo set. Of the 2-4 sets I will shoot each month, you'll get access to one of my choosing!
  • Monthly HD wallpaper.
  • SFW selfies.
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Get access to all the previous tiers' rewards, plus:

  • Access to ALL monthly digital HD cosplay/boudoir photo sets.
  • Sexy Selfie Sunday! Every Sunday I'll post a sexy selfie on my Patreon feed :)
  • 10% off print store (message me for code).
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Get access to all the previous tiers' rewards, plus:

  • Additional and completely exclusive boudoir photos from each photo set - more lewd than the previous tier (NO NUDITY)! These photos won't be posted anywhere else!
  • Exclusive behind the scenes pics & videos from boudoir shoots.
  • Tushy Tuesday! Every Tuesday I'll post a booty selfie or video on my Patreon feed ;)
  • 20% off print store (message me for code) .
Includes Discord rewards
Prints - Boudoir
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Get access to all the previous tiers' rewards, plus:

  • 1 8x10" signed boudoir print.
  • 1 4x6" signed boudoir print.
  • 20% off Etsy & print store (message me for code) .


  • The possibility for occasional extra goodies - this could be extra prints, stickers, and more.
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Limited (2 remaining)
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Get access to all the previous tiers' rewards, plus: 

**Please message me privately before joining this tier!**

  • After we discuss it and if I decide I am comfortable with your request, I will do a photo set related to a fetish you may have (legs, feet, high heels, fishnets, etc.)!
Includes Discord rewards

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