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About Living Moon Meditation

Meditation is an art form that calms the mind and body and allows us to live in harmony with everything around us. Meditation allows us to simply thrive in a modern world full of noise, chaos, and distractions.

Our lives are so full of demands that it is often difficult to just be. Life brings loss of all kinds, and that loss leads to grief. It doesn’t matter what the loss is. We all grieve loss, and that grief disrupts our lives. Daily life and loss causes us to be out of harmony with nature and our innermost beings. But, we don’t have to remain out of balance.

Living Moon Meditation is my offering to you. I offer you the tools you need to slow down, breathe, grieve in balance, and just live. If you have been seeking a lifestyle of peace, contentment, and healing, then Living Moon Meditation is for you.

Allow me to assist you in cultivating the life you desire. Utilizing the sacred arts of energy medicine, mindfulness, and spiritual direction, we will work together to design your best life now.

As a child I had an intense pain in my heart whenever I saw someone suffering. It did not matter what type of suffering the person endured, or even, in fact, if they were suffering at all. If, in my little child mind I perceived a person to be suffering I would feel an intense pain in my heart. As I grew older, I spent many years hardening my heart and turning away from that type of response.

I now know that the response I felt was a classic feeling for an empath- a highly sensitive person who can feel or discern the emotions and feelings of others. I have spent the last several years cultivating a return to my tender-hearted nature.

At the same time that I was hardening my heart to the plight of others, I was also focused on a path of pure intellect and driven nature. It was my goal to not feel or to heal, but to constantly seek to do more. In short, I was doing everything in my power to kill my feminine nature to elevate the masculine qualities within me.

In December 2017 I suffered a major health crisis and ended up having heart surgery- at 37. I was just so run down that I experienced a freak complication from a virus and ended up with pericardial effusion- a buildup of fluid within the sac surrounding my heart. Thankfully the surgery was routine and after eight days in the hospital I was able to go home.

That health crisis alerted me to the need to get serious about slowing down and being more mindful of my body and my mental health. I had been practicing meditation for a few years, but did not have a routine practice. While my practice is still not what I want it to be, I strive daily to improve.

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I am starting out with a goal that is high (for me), but achievable. This will pay the rent on my brick and mortar shop. It's not open yet, but I am working on getting it set up. Being able to have a grand opening with the rent covered would be amazing. 
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