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About Michael Meade and Mosaic

Dear Living Myth fans,

Since launching the podcast last year, we have received consistent appreciation for how this weekly podcast provides insight, orientation and meaning to people at a time when culture and nature are undergoing radical changes.  Many listeners echo the sentiment of one person who said, "this podcast is medicine for me in these times of radical change and uncertainty."  Living Myth Premium gives members access to additional content beyond the free weekly edition of the podcast.

As we work to bring the healing and restorative power of mythic imagination into the current cultural conversation, please consider becoming a member today. For $10/month, members receive:

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  • Access to the entire collection of over 130 Living Myth podcasts

Living Myth and Living Myth Premium are products of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, a 501©3 organization. Your membership helps grow Living Myth and ensures we are able to continue developing and expanding this creative project.

Peace and blessings,

Mosaic Staff

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