The LivingRoom Community Art Studio is creating a Safe Space for folks to Make & Share Art for Free

The Art Hive Hope Builder!

$1 /mo
Dream Big, Start Small! Every dollar counts, & every Patron counts! One dollar a month gets you
  • Access to our

The Community Creator!

$2 /mo
You're AMAZING!  Thank you for making a difference!  For $2 a month you will receive
  • A high-res PDF print of original art by artist Nata...

The LivingRoom Lover!

$5 /mo
ALL the love! Because you deserve it . <3.  For $5 a month you will receive
  • Art of the Month! Monthly access to hig-res PDF prints of Artwork made by L...

The Visionary!

$9 /mo
Wow. You've just made us cry (don't worry - they're tears of joy!)  For $9 a month we will
  • Mail you original artwork surprises twice a year! Sust...

The Courageous Creative!

$20 /mo
This is amazing... we're sort of speechless. What can we do to thank you? For $20 a month we will
  • Feature your art - or the art of someone you lo...

The LivingRoom Liberator!

$40 /mo
Folks like you deserve a medal for supporting us in this way! For $40 a month we will
  • Make you a medal (obviously!) that you can wear with pride anywhere ...