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Living the Tarot... A step into your secret world to explore the mysteries and untold... Understand the purpose of path you are on...

I am really grateful that you have reached so far and reading my page, whether you have subscribed me or not as yet... I am on my Tarot journey for last 17 years, ever since, when I was gifted a Tarot deck first time... honestly, I had no clue what was it and how it works. However, cutting the long story short that was my first step into this journey... Today, I read cards... Interpret their meanings... Designing my own deck... Working on my first book for enthusiast who wants to explore the secrets behind this science in very simple manner... Designing crash course on how to develop and read Tarot intuitively or psychically. 

So, why should you subscribe me on Patreon? When I am already having my presence on social media and my followers have an access to my post and my work, so, what I am offering exceptional here? Here I am going to provide my subscribers access to my exclusive stuff which I don't share anywhere else or give early access than here... Go thru the different tiers, I have set up for you to pledge according to your interest.

Thank you for supporting and being part of my Journey Of Tarot!
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This will give me a greater opportunity to work exclusively on my Journey of Tarot and enable me to devote more time to my Sacred Space... Means a lot to me and my group... More space to explore the realm of divination.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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