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About The Not So Sexy, Sexy Podcast with Liv Milano

Hiii Everyone!

I'm a SAG-Aftra actor, writer, stand up comedian and podcaster! I started The Not So Sexy, Sexy Podcast with Liv Milano in January of 2019 and am totally committed to sharing my life with you guys. This podcast is the most fun to create for me cause it utilizes all of the things I learned as an actor/writer as well as the technical stuff behind the scenes. I was hoping one day that all of my odd skills would come together.

I love that I get to show you guys my real life in Hollywood and the entertainment industry - the good and bad.

As some of you know, it's really expensive to try to survive as an artist in LA without a trust fund - which I don't have lol. Photo shoots and marketing costs and just the cost of living here are insane. I'm back with my agent and beginning to audition again on top of my podcast and youtube channel. I'm looking forward to what's ahead and sooo excited that I have an awesome base rooting for me as I dive back into creative stuff. The greatest thing about the podcast is that I can do it anytime at any hour so even if I get booked on a show or a film, I can still talk to you guys every week.

If you enjoy listening to my podcast or watching my silly sketches and think I'm worth at least one cup of coffee a month, I'd be forever grateful for your support so that I can upgrade the quality of my production, get a studio, hire an assistant/producer, book great guests, travel the country doing stand up and have better sound quality on my youtube videos and continue making content and doing what I love for a living. Please save me from corporate land.

As you know I've been doing this podcast totally free since January of 2019. If you enjoy listening, please donate whatever you can. I'm serious, if $1 is all you have to give, I'd be so grateful. If $25k is like a bag of chips to you, I'll take that too. If you are reading this, I appreciate you so much. Thanks for believing in me.

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