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$3! Thank you! Your donation helps me sustain the time and effort that goes into planning and curating these experiences. For your generous support, I will give you access to my private Pinterest idea board when planning experiences. You'll get to see exactly what I'm cooking up and have inside access to what the experience will be like!

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Thank you! For a donation of $10 per month, you will have access to my private inspiration boards, and you will be get an invitation to an exclusive forum where you can ask me questions, offer ideas for experiences, and more. 

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At Level 3, you get all of the previous benefits (the inspiration board access, the forum access) AND you will get a signed 5x7 print from me once a month. You get to pick the image from a gallery I send to you!




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About Lizabet Photo

Hi! I'm Lizabet and I create experiences for photographers, models, cinephiles, and creatives.

Imagine a weekend where you can play pretend again, as an adult. There is a full costume and prop library, sets, and an amazing house. There is always a theme of course, usually based on a film or genre of film, fairy-tales, literature, etc. This small world is yours to create in until the evening when there is a fette, a ball, a soiree. This is what I create. 

My first experience called Camp Honeybrook, inspired by the worlds of Wes Anderson, sold out within a few weeks. My second, Once in the Night, followed suit. I hope to be able to continue to create these experiences but as you can imagine, I can't do it without financial support. Costs go into curating the costumes, making sets, renting venues. I try to make the experiences as affordable as possible but to continue, I need your help!
$18 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 per month, I'll announce the next experience and offer a special discount to patrons. This is amazing because I'll be able to finance a storage unit for experience costumes, props, and furniture pieces. 
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