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Access to the production blog and closed beta access! You'll also receive a copy of the game when it's complete if you've supported at this level for two or more months, and five entries into the monthly sketch raffle.
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Access to the production blog, closed beta, the finished game, a thank-you credit in-game, and a sketch of your choice each month! (No raffle required.)

In lieu of a new sketch, Champions also have the option of upgrading previous sketches to lineart and/or colors with successive months of support.

Plus, exclusive information about upcoming projects, and special opportunities, such as the chance to have you or your OC cameo in a game, or bonus game copies to gift to friends.




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About Lizard Robot

Hello internet, I am Lizard Robot, an artist and writer working to produce visual novel games. My first project is A Town Called Shanty.

GAME CONCEPT: A Town Called Shanty is a traditional visual novel game with a western theme in which the player directs the actions of town sheriff June Jameson. Shanty is under threat by an oilman, and it's up to June to save the town, and maybe find love in the process.

FEATURES: A diverse cast of 13 characters, 6 of whom are potential romantic interests, a dynamic story that changes significantly based on player choices, a world rich in character backstory, 15+ game achievements, and a variety of endings.

The game will be available for both PC and Mac, and may see a mobile release. My primary goal is to release it on Steam. Retail price will be $5-12, depending on the game's final list of features.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay takes place during the course of several "action days." Each day provides the player freedom to choose 2-3 characters to interact with from among the cast, and each interaction offers 1-4 different outcomes. The player can also draw upon June's knowledge and observational skills to gain special "insights" and learn more about the town's history and denizens.

It all culminates in a final showdown with the villains, where the actions taken by the player will determine if the town is saved, and how. There are multiple solutions and possibilities, amounting to hundreds of different possible outcomes!

The game is designed to be completed in a single sitting, with an estimated length of 45-120 minutes.

THE CREATOR: I am an artist and writer professionally employed in the television industry. Television and games are the two greatest passions in my life, and after years of dreaming about producing my own game, I've decided to finally make it a reality. I'm utilizing my own skills for all of the writing and character art for the game, and creating it with Visual Novel Maker. I am drawing upon the talents of my fellow industry professionals to assist with music and voice work.

PERKS: Supporting me will grant you access to behind-the-scenes development, input on the design process, can provide playable beta access, or a copy of the finished game when it's done! You can also receive an original sketch of whatever you desire, executed to the best of my ability. High-level supporters can have their sketches upgraded to finished artworks. Eventually, patrons will also have access to exclusive high-res wallpapers and other special goodies.

My hope is to have an alpha of the game ready in Spring 2017, and to release the finished game Spring 2018. Currently, highest work priorities are backgroundscharacter art, and writing.

As of April 2017, the progress stands as follows:

Logos & Graphics - Working logos are complete and UI is under development.
Writing - Full game outline is complete. 8% of scenes are fully written. Writing snippets may occasionally be featured in the production blog, but not heavily, to avoid spoilers.
Character Art - All base sketches are done and first pass design work has been completed for 11/13 characters. Character art will be heavily featured in the production blog from start to finish.
Backgrounds - Backgrounds are 50% complete. Backgrounds will be featured in the blog as much as possible.
Event CGs - Currently in planning stage, as they are subject to change based upon the writing process. Once work on event CGs begins, expect to see them regularly featured in the blog, with care to avoid too many spoilers. (They'll also serve as the basis for some patron-exclusive hi-res wallpapers!)
Music - This will be the last essential element added to the game, and is scheduled to begin in Fall 2017. Some music may be featured in the production blog.
Voice Acting - Some talent is potentially lined up, but whether the game is fully or partially-voiced may depend upon a modest kickstarter campaign to pay the actors. Regardless, voice work, if added to the game, will not commence until Summer 2017 at the earliest.
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One hundred dollars! It's not a huge amount, but everyone has to start somewhere, and an inked or colored piece will be added to the monthly raffle!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
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