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Daydream Believer

$1 /creation
You've chosen to come here and support me and that's huge. Thank you SO much. 

As a Daydream Believer, you'll receive access to:

  • My coaching community, Daydr...

Daydream Chaser

$3 /creation
You're a joy and a blessing. Thank you so much for choosing to be a Daydream Chaser! In addition to everything above:

  • You'll also be personally emailed mp3 downloads of finalised single tracks

Rainbow Dreamer

$5 /creation
You colour my world! Thank you so, so much for jumping in on this tier. Here, you'll get access to everything above, plus:

  • You'll be personally emailed wav downloads of finalis...

Darling Dreamer

$10 /creation
You're supporting me a lot - and that really means a tremendous amount. Thank you! 

As a Darling, you'll get access to everything above, PLUS:

  • Downloads of m...

Lucid Dreamer

$25 /creation
You really believe in what I'm doing – from the bottom of my heart, I'm expressing huge gratitude for you, sunshine!

Here you'll have access to all of the above, PLUS:


Radiant Dreamer

$50 /creation
This is a big amount of money to be contributing, and the gratitude I have for you is profound! 

Like the Lucid Dreamers, you Radiant ones will also, if you choose to, receive random...


Astral Dreamer

$100 /creation
Hello you magical being! This is huge – from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

In addition to everything above, you, my treasure, will have access to: 

  • Beh...

Divine Dreamer

$250 /creation
You are a Godsend. Please feel this enormous hug that's coming your way, from the bottom of my very grateful heart. 

You, Divine one, will receive everything the Astral Dreamers get,...


Master Dreamer

$500 /creation
Wow, wow, wow. You are epic, generous - and totally plugged in to the bigger picture of what it is I'm wanting to create here. 

This is my creative coaching intensive/we'll have lots...


Guardian Angel Dreamer

$1,000 /creation
I'm speechless. The magnitude of my gratitude simply cannot be conveyed through words alone. Feel it. There's a whole lotta love and appreciation coming your way. What you are facilitating through ...