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My name is Liz F. Caballero, also known as Eithne Greensleeves or Alkanet. I'm an illustrator specializing in anime style, fantasy and book inspired illustrations. I have also created award-winning manga style comics in the past. I'm best known for my Harry Potter fanart gallery, and currently my One Piece blog dedicated to Tashigi on Tumblr.

I graduated as an illustrator at the Art School of Murcia (Spain) and I have been doing occasional freelance work and art commissions since then. As an artist, I dream of being able to work on my art full time and make a living off my illustrations and comics.

Believing in yourself is important, but sometimes you need someone to believe in you.
Some people have believed in me and given me their support in the past, and that's what keeps me going and trying. If it wasn't for them, maybe I wouldn't be able to believe in myself. That's why, if you like my art, I would love to have your support. Every little comment, every word of encouragemente helps.
I will continue drawing and sharing my art anyway, but having some financial support and being able to work full time on my art would be a dream come true.


One of my dreams since my childhood has been to become a book illustrator. I'm collaborating with different writers, published or unpublished, to illustrate their characters (fanfic authors are also welcome!), and I also try to draw fanart from my favorite books whenever I can (have you seen my Harry Potter fanart gallery?) Become a Patron and be the first to see my new book fanarts, concept art and character designs!

I'm planning on participating in Artist Alleys from 2018! Since it'll be my first time, I need money to invest in different kinds of prints and merchandising to sell, because I don't have anything printed yet, plus table reservation, transportation and other expenses. Please help me, and don't forget to let me know what drawings you'd like to see as prints, or what new pictures you'd like me to make and sell!

One of my most popular projects: My blog dedicated to my all time favorite character, Tashigi from One Piece. This is my stress relief, but I try to draw 1-2 pictures every day unless I'm really busy. If you want free requests, this is the place to go as long as it's Tashigi related. Also, roleplay! I draw for fun and for free here, but your support will help me keep this blog alive.

My heroic fantasy fanzine (in Spanish) that I've been self-publishing since I was 18. I also used to draw my own comics to publish in it. It's been on a hiatus for a while, but I aim to publish it again with new contents, have it professionally printed and sell it both online and at conventions. Part of my Patreon money will go to publishing costs.

Other projects include comic books (both for self-publishing or contests, I'll post more details about them soon!) and creating a physical portfolio or a small artbook.

1- Art supplies and hardware (for example, scanner repairs if my scanner breaks)
2- Printing costs for prints, stickers and merchadising for my first Artist Alley
3- Printing costs for the fanzine Andúril
4- Living expenses, so I have more time to work on my art
$14 of $25 per month
More book or anime fanart! I will create a new illustration every time I finish reading a book, watching an anime series or playing a videogame (at least 1-2 per month, probably more) as a thank you gift for my patrons! You may recommend books and series to me and I'll read/watch them.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts

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