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Exclusive access to the Lawless French word of the (week)day, including translation(s), sound file, example sentences, and related words.

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« Grande personne » coloring pages
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Check out these adorable coloring pages with a Francophile twist!

Each page features a different French-speaking country: France, Morocco, Senegal, Haiti, Canada, and Vietnam.

Let your inner enfant out to play with these cute designs.

Also includes access to le mot du jour.


  • PDF with six full-sized (8½x11") coloring pages
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Your choice of a list of French vocabulary on any topic (within reason) or a detailed explanation of any expression.

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About Laura K. Lawless

Hello!   Bonjour !   ¡Buenos días!

I've been teaching French online since 1999, and started Spanish and English sites a few years later. I love writing about language and I'm happy to offer just about everything on all three sites for free. (I also have a site on vegetarianism, just to keep things interesting.)

Writing all of this content is a full-time job, so I'm grateful for any support you are willing and able to offer. Plus, there are rewards!

If you love French, you'll adore the mot du jour, which I publish 5 days a week exclusively for Patrons. Depending on your support level, you can request a lesson on any topic (within reason), enjoy French-themed coloring pages, obtain a signed copy of my book Intermediate French for Dummies (mailed to you anywhere in the world), or chat with me in and/or about French.

Merci et bonne continuation !

 - LKL
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Web servers and newsletter services are surprisingly expensive, but I'm able to offset part of these out-of-pocket expenses with ads. I'd love to reduce the number of ads on my sites which I find as unsightly as I'm sure you do. So here's my goal: if 200 of you support my work, your donations will cover these necessary fees and I'll be able to cut down on the number of ads.
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