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About LKTV 록희TV

LKZ! Thank you so much for stumbling upon this Patreon: a.k.a: the LKZ Universe! Why universe? Well, I consider this channel a multiverse of sorts. Filled with love and appreciation for so many different artists, styles, and genres of Korean music. So by joining here, you become part of that experience too!

Anyway! What’s so good about Patreon? Patreon is an absolutely fricking AWESOME way of me being able to go that extra mile for you guys and put out content that you’ll never see on Youtube.

Whether it be live stages, polls that decide the future of the channel (lmao) Japanese releases of our favourite Korean songs, variety content, reality shows (that break my damn heart), KDramas (this is new!) or album listens / requests. You’ll find literally all of it here.
This family has a really tight bond and we’re all crazy supportive (way too hype) and really just all about having a lot of fun. So I can guarantee you’ll find something here you love! Scroll through the tags and have a look at whether or not any content takes your fancy - and even join the Patreon-only Discord channels when you sign up for exclusive chats, perks and of course much much more!

On a serious note, I just want to thank you for reading this far and considering supporting me. This is my full time job and even the smallest amount of help goes the longest way. The fact that you’ve even considered that by coming here already means a lot. I hope to see you around here to laugh and have fun with, but if not then I can’t wait to do the same in the Youtube comments!

Big love y’all!

~ Lachie ❤️

Also some shows we're watching right now:

  • Produce 48
  • Queendom
  • Finding Stray Kids
  • ATEEZ' Fever Road
  • GFriend's Memoria
  • IZ*ONE Eating Trip
  • IZ*ONE Chu Season 1 (Finished)
  • GOT7's Hard Carry
  • Going Seventeen
600 - reached! patrons
WOW. Well, I totally don't expect this to happen in a billion years, but if it ever does then this would be a dream come true. Why? Well not only would having 600 of you brilliant-intelligent-good-musical-taste-whereamigoingwiththis-LKZ here be an awesome number to see, but it would really make this whole full time content-creator thing way way more stable.

The most important development though, would be that I feel like I would be able to give back to you guys by doing some really fun stuff every month. Monthly album giveaways? Merchandise? (lmao imagine what the hell this would look like)...Either way, I want to be able to give back to you all for your incredible support.

Oh, and it goes without saying - of course I'd be eternally grateful to every single person that helped make this come true. Regardless of whether we hit this goal or not, that fact doesn't change. I'm so blessed to have such awesome friends who are as passionate about Korean music and Korean culture. Thanks for existing, LKZ ❤️

LKZ Fighting!
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