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About L.L. Barkat

I'm writing to you occasionally at llbwritesto.me—and wishing good things for you—which is something I love to do (and you're helping to sustain that possibility). Thank you, with all my heart. :)

I'm also reading to you occasionally, because there's nothing like having a friend lend their voice to your mornings and nights, if that's what you'd like them to do.

You can see artistic photos of my surroundings and creations here on Patreon, that no one else will see, especially photos of my Going Bookless journey. I hope to inspire you—and give you courage to take the journeys you need to take, in art or life.

I've also created Moms on Poetry. That's for inspiration, too. Because it only takes a tiny poem to turn around a hard day (or celebrate a good one).

Additionally, I'm putting my artistry to what feels not just timely but deeply necessary for our hearts and souls as we approach some of the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time. My mission is to stir wonder (both the "awe" kind and the "I wonder" kind). See the beginnings of that at Poetic Earth Month. I'm especially delighted to be creating the art galleries, to lend peace to your days.

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