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About LmaoTristin

Many people know LmaoTristin as the best Minecraftian... Others know him as the sexiest furry streamer... Yet few... really know the real LmaoTristin. THIS IS... LMAOTRISTIN.

LmaoTristin, at the young age of 15, started streaming on Twitch. His goals in life are simple, play Minecraft, get fat, play more Minecraft, get fatter, win.

LmaoTristin, currently 15, has been streaming for 1/30th of his life and is proud to say so. If you don't follow him yet, YOU SHOULD.

I get it.
 You're thinking to yourself... "This is just some other Minecraft god, why would I support him?" And the answer to that question is... Ily <3

Now, water you doing with yourself? Support this smexy furry streamer and achieve the epic victory royale.

Okay but seriously, to anybody who even considers this TYSM for even just putting in the thought. It genuinely means the world to me and you're genuinely helping my wishes become a reality. IF you do become one of my patrons, you will receive a smexy Discord role and you will be one of the first people I come to for important stuffs. >:3
$0 of $50 per month
$50 is my monthly goal, it'll be put straight back into the stream. I'm currently working towards..
- A second monitor
- A new graphics card
- A webcam (and a lit background for it)
- Custom overlay, more emotes, custom panels, and more.

Although $50 isn't required for me to purchase any of the stuff listed above, it'd help a hell of a lot, lol.
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