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About LMichelleMedia-BeyondMe Productions

Hi, I'm L.Michelle from LMichelleMedia. We recently started our production division, "BeyondMe Productions," which is dedicated to producing Stories of Faith & The African American Experience. One of the cool things that makes us different is we always use the most cutting-edge technology to tell our stories. Currently we are producing a 10-year Immersive Journaling series(2020-2030) that includes capturing Life footage through Smartglasses(currently, Snapchat Spectacles).  We also create Virtual Reality based stories, most recently our Virtual Reality film, Letters To Our Fathers, featuring stories of children whose fathers are or have been incarcerated.  Our other VR venture includes the development of BelieveVR, a channel dedicated to compelling Christian Lifestyle VR Experiences.  Your support will help us continue to research new mediums & technologies to produce one of a kind stories and educate others along the way.

We are posting content of Stories that inspire us and exclusive content from the Making of the 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling Series.

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When we reach (40) patrons, we give away an Immersive Journaling package, complete with our 30-day training and a pair of Snapchat Spectacles 2 glasses.
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