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My name is Daniel, I'm a developer that makes all sorts of stuff for people to use. From Discord bots to advanced websites, I like to make them all. 

On this Patreon page, you can donate to my project. I currently mainly focus on two projects, and Easy Tickets. is free-to-use, anonymous website to share files with friends or your fans I'm currently working on accounts so people who want to manage their files can do so, all without having to show who you are.

Next to that, I'm the developer behind Easy Tickets. An easy-to-use support bot for Discord servers with one command to setup the whole server for the tickets. By donating $5/month (for the first 5 only) you can get a custom rebranded version of the bot for your server. After the first five people, it will be $10/month.
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Just a friendly donation :)

Custom Easy Tickets Rebrand
Limited (5 of 5 remaining)
per month

I'll rebrand the bot for you up to 5 servers, you can decide the following:
- icon

- name

- prefix

- support role

- embed colors

- transcript title

- support message

[ No Branding ]

Custom Discord Bot
Limited (4 of 5 remaining)
per month

I'll make and host a Custom Discord bot for your Discord server 24/7, it will have a working Ticket System and up to 10 custom commands.

Includes Discord rewards
Discord bot with more commands
Limited (4 of 5 remaining)
per month

This will make it possible for you to get a custom Discord bot with up to 20 commands, including a Ticket System.

Includes Discord rewards
$0 of $10 per month
This will completely cover our server costs and allow up-to a staggering 100k files to be uploaded to our server.
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