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About Late Night Productions

Hi there!

My name is John Garden.
(Google me!)
I have been making Reaper tutorial videos since January 2016. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of Reaper with the pro and not-so-pro audio community. There's something else that I want to share, and that is what I have learnt from working in the music industry over the past twenty years. However, I never seemed to stop for long enough to reflect on my career and where it has taken me. Well, now, I think that time has come. I've decided I'm going to stop touring for the foreseeable future, and concentrate on working from my home studio - recording, mixing and writing. 

In order to make this transition financially viable, I need to widen my income streams. With that in mind, one of the things that I want to do is to expand the remit of my YouTube channel, so that, as well as creating new tutorials and 'how-to' videos, I can also concentrate on making original content, including videos, podcasts and bespoke music tracks. So far, I have been uploading my tutorial videos for free, as a way of giving back to the community from which I have already learnt so much. In order to spend more time creating tutorials and original content, I would like two things: 

  • 1. Your financial support. 
    • With some support from you, I can take more time to create original content and tutorials. I usually make most of my income from performing, recording, mixing, teaching privately and collecting quarterly royalties. Now that I am going to be performing less, adding Patreon to my income streams seemed a logical thing to do.  
  • 2. Your input and feedback.
    • This is important: tell me what you want! I'm happy to talk about any aspect of my experience as a musical director, composer, performer, touring musician and mix engineer. I have worked with Scissor Sisters, Alison Moyet, Kesha, Marina and the Diamonds, and many more. I'm not going to be dishing the dirt on any of the artists with whom I've worked, so don't even ask; but if there's anything you're curious about, drop me a line, and I'll gladly talk about it! With regards to Reaper workflow tips and tricks, the more specific the request, the better. I love finding solutions to logistical puzzles in Reaper, so throw me your conundrums!

My commitment to you as a Patreon:

I will upload new content once a month, regardless of, and additional to, specific requests. If you are signed up to my Patreon and you have a specific request or enquiry, I will commit to creating the relevant content within one month of your request (ideally much sooner). As my subscription base grows, I will be able to offer more, so I anticipate my overall vision and commitment will grow with my audience. 

In conclusion:

I've got a wealth of experience and an enquiring mind. I want to add some more awesome content to the huge amount of already awesome content out there on the internet. With your help and guidance, I believe I can make it not totally awful. 

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