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We want to keep this thing really streamlined and simple, not bloated with crazy tiers that go on for days.

You can back at any amount! We originally put $5 here because it mirrors the Twitch subscriptions, but you can support as much or as little as you want (and we hugely appreciate every penny!)
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About LoadingReadyRun

Who are you?

We are LoadingReadyRun and we've been making internet comedy since 2003. Sketch comedy, podcasts, shorts, live streams…
We want to make you laugh!

So far we've done that with:  Friday NightsThe Panalysts, the Crapshots, TapTapConcedeNorth 100Qwerpline, Sidewalk Slam, CheckPointDice FriendsLoadingReadyLIVE, and previously: Temple of the Lava BearsUnskippableStrip Search for Penny Arcade, Tabletop Deathmatch for Cards Against Humanity, and the Desert Bus for Hope fundraiser in support of Child's Play.

What's the Patreon for?

Briefly, it's for us, to keep us doing what we do: entertain you.

Since we started crowdfunding, we've been overwhelmed by the support of our fans. Being able to support ourselves directly from our viewers, without having to charge a fee, without having to chase contracts… is amazing!

Not that won't work with third parties anymore - we love that work too - but at the end of the day we want to only be beholden to ourselves, and to our fans.

No, what is the Patreon FOR? Can you itemize this?

That's tricky because the honest answer is "this Patreon—combined with our Twitch.tv subscriptions—allow us to pursue the creative endeavours we think will best entertain you and excite us, and that could be any number of things!"
Currently included in that long list of projects we've been producing:
  • Crapshots, our weird mini-sketches
  • The Panalysts, a British-style panel show where four people argue to solve the world’s least-important problems
  • CheckPoint, our weekly video gaming news and commentary show
  • Our extensive programming calendar of LoadingReadyRun Streams, with some manner of live entertainment every day of the week
  • TapTapConcede, our fun and friendly Magic: The Gathering podcast/vidcast
  • North 100, our Magic: The Gathering podcast/vidcast focussing on the popular Canadian Highlander format
  • Sidewalk Slam, a podcast/vidcast that looks at the narratives and storylines in professional wrestling
  • commodoreHUSTLE, our ongoing sitcom, now built-in to each episode of LoadingReadyLIVE
  • Qwerpline, an "improvised" radio morning show from the town of Nsburg
  • Mail Time, a series where we open your amazing fan mail
  • plus various other videos and vlogs and whatever else we think you'd enjoy!

I have some pressing questions.

We thought you might. What's up?

Q: What about Friday Nights?
A: We are exploring options to continue making more episodes of Friday Nights.   Sorry we can't be more forthcoming just yet.

Q: Would you prefer we support LRR here or on Twitch?
A: We get this question a lot and our first response is "Thank you for wanting to support us!"
The second response is "it's honestly up to you"... we get a slightly better percentage through Patreon, but you get the chat emotes on Twitch... totally your call - we're just thrilled you're here.

Q: So this Patreon funds everything you do forever?
A: Nope! Patreon is a huge and integral part of our funding, and the vast majority of our funding comes from Viewers Like You™, but we'll still do occasional contract or sponsorship work, and if we come up with a new project that has a scope requiring additional funding, we could run a campaign just for that project (an example of this is Road Quest).

Q: So, if I support this Patreon, I get to see your stuff and other people don't?
A: No. We don't want to gate our content. Everything we make will still be free to watch or listen to. We want you to support us because you enjoy our work and want to support us.

Q: Why do you need so much money?
A: There's, like, SO many of us. 
Seriously though, you're helping pay for 13 full or part-time employees and several more part-time contractors, plus the other artists and creatives we pull in for various projects. We're already thankful that you've even read this far. Our goal is pay more people, so we can make more content.
The dream is for everyone to work here full-time.  You're helping the dream happen.

Q: Didn't there used to be Patreon dollar-level "Goals" here?
A: There did! It turns out, however, those Goals didn't make sense for how we operate. 
If we try to invent new things - to add new Goals - at achievable milestones, we'll quickly hit capacity for what we're capable of producing and we won't be able to experiment with new ideas. And our previous most-upper level Goals were things like "hire people"... which is still what would happen anyway. We're still trying to approach our work by the rule "Get to 80%", with a long-term sustainability viewpoint, so we don't burn ourselves out.  That extra 20% is so that we have time to do wild-and-weird things like Road Quest.

Q: That all sounds good.
A: That wasn't a question, but I'm glad we agree.

Anything else?

Only this: Thank you.
You're the reason we've been able to make it far, and you're why we keep doing it.
You're pretty great :)

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