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About Kate

Loam is an environmental arts magazine—both online and in print—that celebrates the work of people and projects making waves in the environmental movement(s). From interviews with radical permaculture gardeners to essays on closed-loop cooking, we work hard to curate a magazine that inspires people to be the better future that they want. In this sense, Loam is as much a collaborative space for cultivating sustainability practices as it is a playful platform for profiling all the good stuff that’s growing in our communities.

  • Provide our beloved readers (20,000 and growing) with tools for actively embodying hope.
  • Celebrate the role of creativity in accelerating environmental change.
  • Illuminate the incredible diversity that exists within the environmental movement(s). 

  • Grow Loam into a quarterly print publication.
  • Develop a workshop series on arts activism and sustainable living that we can share within community spaces across the country. 
  • Use Loam to support ecological organizations, teach tangible skills for sustainable living, and help environmental artists and activists connect with kindred creative spirits. 

By pledging to support Loam, you will directly nourish our capacity to publish our magazine and organize workshops. You'll enable us to continue to support local artists, share the work of powerful activists, and promote vital environmental projects. Loam is about creating the space to find joy and juiciness in the fight to heal our planet, ourselves, and our communities. And we want you to be a part of that powerful process. 

$23 of $2,000 per month
This funding will help Loam to pay our contributors, provide artist-activist workshops at little to no cost to our community, and continue to grow our reach as a movement. 

In the last year alone, we have taught diverse workshops on cultivating resiliency, herbal healing, and low-waste living; published our carbon neutral print magazine Permaculture in Practice; and used profits from Permaculture in Practice to support regenerative projects throughout the world such as Resilient Power Puerto Rico and 1 Million Redwoods Project. 
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