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  • Custom Lobby Names - Users can change their lobby name using the name command inside their lobby.
  • Custom Lobby Colors - Users can change their lobby embed color using the color command inside their lobby.
  • Global Lobby Linking - Users can link their lobby to another lobby on your server or other premium servers from around the world.
  • Lobby Limit Increase - All lobbies will increase their maximum members allowed to 10 members for every new lobby.
  • Custom Bot Colors - Server owners can change the main embed color using the set command inside their server.
  • All premium upgrades are intended for server owners to purchase for their own servers. If you are just looking to use the bot inside a server, it is absolutely free!




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Do you have a Discord server? Is your community looking for players and a simpler way to open new game lobbies? Do your members want to create there own lobbies? Well, look no further with our new Lobby Finder bot, your community can do all of the above.

Our bot will help your server members connect with other members for free. This is the closest you will get to a party or lobby maker directly in your Discord server. So what are you waiting for, invite the bot into your server today!

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How it works:
After inviting the bot and finishing the setup, a member can set up a lobby which creates a new voice and text channel. These channels get displayed in your discord server but are only displayed to people in the lobby. Your community members are allowed to send lobby invites to others, they can also look for a lobby when they turn on the looking for a lobby setting.

Premium upgrade:
Since the very beginning in February 2020, we have been helping Discord server owners and project owners expand their user base to a wide range of users. You can create text and voice channel lobbies directly in discord without the need for a bunch of predefined channels for free.

To keep our bot and server updated as much as possible, we need developers, which can cost quite a bit of money. The bot also needs a hosting provider which is a monthly fee, so to combat this we have added in a few sweet features for our premium version of the bot. This is not required to use the bot, but it does give you a few extra perks which is listed in the tier upgrade description.

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