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Regular reward, you get access to some of our stuff that we don't publish because it's not polished at all. Be careful, bugs ahead.
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About Loboto 3

Loboto 3 is an independent software developer, like most of the people around here doing video games. Our "very-special-feat-that-makes-us-unique" aim is to bring people a little love from the 90s, which includes old school game mechanics and the classic 32 bit feel.

We don't do Unity or Unreal, we create games with our own technology called "Squeeze Bomb". It is a time consuming task when you take it on yourself to reinvent the wheel, but that's the thrill of retro gaming and the outcome is usually on par with the standard you'd expect.

What we ask you support for is a little contribution to help Squeeze Bomb grow in other directions that aren't accessible by making this a hobby carried on only during spare time.
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Squeeze Bomb, the Loboto3 official engine, still hasn't made it to PC. We need some more powerful equipment to take advantage of the latest technology and make development easier on us.
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