Loboto 3 is creating Retro Video Games

$1 /mo
Regular reward, you get access to some of our stuff that we don't publish because it's not polished at all. Be careful, bugs ahead.

$5 /mo
Screenshots aren't your thing? How about you also get access to some crappy videos with outtakes and moving bugs?

$10 /mo
Still not satisfied even with videos? How about 720p version of our custom backgrounds?

$25 /mo
Physical copies of one of our released games (whenever a release happens), with a sparkling jewel case (4 disk slots), covers, and a booklet. Digital is so 2010s. Just make a request and we will pr...

$40 /mo
Get credited in the staff roll. In every single game. F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And all the previous stuff.

$200 /mo
Tailor made 3D backgrounds? You get one of your choice, just ask the artist and it's yours. ...aaaand all the previously.

$10,000 /mo
You get access to the source code. Of course, nobody would ever bother with this one.