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Hello there! My name is m. tarah henry, and I have a long and intermittent history of creating furry/scalie artworkcomics, and -- more recently -- games, examples of all of which can be found on my gallery site, lobstworks.com. I'm also the financier and moderator of the Mastodon instance for scalie.club. This Patreon is here to serve a dual purpose:

  1. It's a tip jar, since we all know that creativity comes at financial cost! This will help as compensation for the equipment, hosting, and labor required of any Internet art project.
  2. It's a mailing list/newsfeed, so I can properly update you all on project progress! I have numerous big projects I'd like to update you all on, and social media makes it too easy to accidentally fall out of the loop.

For my art, since my life at the moment is relatively comfortable, I've decided not to gatekeep based on contributions; everything I post will be public to everyone. If you choose to Follow this page, you'll get the exact same experience patrons enjoy. If you pledge, you'll be charged at the beginning of each month; I do not currently depend on audience contributions for my survival, so unless you'd like to reward me for something I did, your funds would be better spent on creators who use Patreon to keep themselves afloat.

Due to the way my anxiety interferes with my work, I'd like to insist that pledging here should not be intended as a quid pro quo; it should only be done only in recognition of work already completed, not as payment for work that will be released in the future. Because of this, I'd also like to make it clear that if you need to lower or drop your pledge, you are free to do so without having to explain why. My feelings will not be hurt, I promise.

I look forward to developing this page into something worth following. Thank you for your support, whether through your money or just your time. ( <3 )

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