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hi! my name is danielle gauthier, you may have discovered me vending or as @locasitiita on insta. that account is a personal growth project i started to practice self love through the unapologetic exposure of my stream of consciousness writing. i have been struggling with my sense of self because i have bipolar disorder that affects my motivations, passions, and expression. exposure seemed like the easiest path to acceptance. somewhere along the way, my aunt saydee inspired me to make collages for my writing, since i wanted it to be multi-media and i don't have any technical visual art skills, besides like, aesthetic.
in sharing my zines and posters with you, i hope to breach the boundaries of public and private spaces to improve the health of our sick culture. self care and self love should be open practices so that we can learn from, understand, and appreciate each other, especially our differences.
53% complete
when i reach $17 a month, i will be at a profit for quarterly zine production, i.e. four volumes a year.
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