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About Locky Lockerson

****This account is dormant for the time being, there will be no content until further notice.*****


My name is Ken Barkley (aka Locky Lockerson) and you probably know me from my work as a host on "You Better You Bet" (radio/podcast show) or from my college football guide(s), or from Twitter.  Or maybe from the Action Network, who I wrote for last year.  If you don't know me, hi. I used to work at ESPN for a long time in production, even cutting the montage for "Bad Beats" that you see on the midnight SVP show every week.  I produce sports betting content.

The goal of this account is to provide you with tools and analysis to help you make better decisions when you bet.  This can be through the form of some basic projections (NBA, College Basketball, etc.) or through analysis of those projections (why does it say a team is favored by 3 when the number is 2? WHY?!?!).  It seems like everyone says they model everything, and if you aren't using the words "model" and "artificial intelligence" and "machine learning" you must be a simpleton.  I do have models, but I think the best approach to any market is a combination of mathematical projections and intuition.

An analysis of the sports betting market on any night is not simple.  There are complexities.  It isn't just as simple as "whatever this model spits out, here's my mortgage payment, throw it on there."  When our numbers are good, that's good.  When they are NOT good, why weren't they good? What did we (really, I) miss? When the market goes the OPPOSITE direction, why did that happen? Was that move justified?

These are all questions I will explore on here through the various sports seasons.  You'll gain access to the models via spreadsheet form each day, as well as analysis from me on why I think each game is lined the way it is.  Or things that confuse me utterly, which is informative too.

If you like thinking about sports betting, and are trying to understand markets a little better, this channel should provide a lot of fun, helpful stuff for you!

**Patreon Payment Note**: For some reason Patreon doesn't explicitly talk about the billing plan, or there is confusion.  If you sign up, you'll be billed at that moment, and then on the first of every month going forward! I basically have no choice in this, so wanted to state it explicitly.  Cheers!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 508 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 508 exclusive posts

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