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About Locryn

Hello. Welcome to our Patreon.

I'm the lead developer (some might say only developer) at DagnerousPadna.  I'm working on "Training Grounds", a raid practice addon for World of Warcraft. It's the one with Multi-Sided Strike. Remember that? Your raid leader asked you to try it before heading to Jadefire Masters. Since then, we've added quite a few training modules aimed at a variety of skill levels, from beginning players to Mythic raiders.

Now some of you (you know who you are) have been asking where my Patreon is. So... here it is. With your help, I can spend less time worrying about trying to afford WoW Tokens for subscription and more time writing new content.

Thank you for your support!
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Thanks for supporting Training Grounds! This is where we would offer you access to the patron-exclusive blog feed, just as soon as it exists.

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Thanks for supporting Training Grounds! In addition to the patron-exclusive blog feed, we'd like to show our appreciation by including your username in the Special Thanks list in the credits.

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This will cover the price of a monthly Warcraft subscription and future expansions. That means all the time we currently spend raising gold for WoW Tokens can instead be spent working to improve Training Grounds. Hooray!
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