Richard Löwenstein is creating RESHOOT R – A new Amiga-Game in 2017!

True supporter

$2 /mo
You are actively supporting the Amiga community and the development of a new Amiga-game in 2017. Thank you very much! If you´d like me to keep you...

Real Amigan

$5 /mo
You are actively supporting the Amiga community and development of RESHOOT R.  You´ll be among the first to know about the development progress,  as you´ll get wee...


$20 /mo
Help me make my way to the Gamescom show / Cologne in August 2018. Meet me there, experience RESHOOT R live and get a

Personal Reshoot

$50 /mo
Make yourself very special: Not only will I keep you updated on the development progress by sending weekly email updates. You´ll also get a personal digita...


$100 /mo
Now this is truly the bossfight of all Patreon-tiers. Not only do you get email updates on the development progress, a digital copy of the game, a...