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About Lofi.org

The beginning of an idea, a work in progress....

I'm creating a website and youtube channel, a collection of all the wonderfully simple ideas and solutions to the problems that affect everyone all around the world.

The main categories of focus are Food, Water, Shelter, Health & Energy, with the designs themselves being both simple and efficient, while prioritising the people and the environment. I hope to explore, share and develop things like vaccine fridges, clever water filtration solutions, safe & efficient cooking solutions indoor use and lighting etc...

Not only am I documenting current ideas, but I am designing new solutions. Your support will provide me with the time to invent!

I'm currently working with Bristol Braille CIC, where we're developing the Canute, the worlds 1st multiline digital braille display, in the hope to reverse the ongoing decline in Braille literacy. 

I'm hoping also to join Centre for Vision, in helping design and develop there next set of self-refraction eyeglasses.

For more information on current projects, support me on Patreon to see my latest posts!
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