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Current Work 2019- Present

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reward item
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A little something from my current work from Jan 2019 til the Present

There will be a Dropbox link for each month vs posting indiviual images on here

Archive Teaser

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This is a Dropbox link to the 240+ models featured in my Archives from 2006-18

Some were shot on multiple shoots and some with other models some only once

2006-18 Archives

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Collection of images going back to the beginning of my shooting to Dec 2018
. You basically get to watch the evolution of my work. From shooting on Auto to my transition to M. Many of these are straight out of the camera. Some have edited versions

I hope you enjoy them!



About Logan Grey

As of earlier this year I have started adding content again! Everything is posted as a DropBox link after I do the first shoot for that month. Will be a couple of shots per set per model. With most models, it will be NSFW content and will be at the lowest tier.

For full shoots of your favorite model or for themed shoots, please go to www.bentbox.co/logangrey where models will be uploaded individually

Any pledge you make on here will be reoccuring until you cancel it so I do suggest cancelling it after you have gotten your DropBox link unless you wish to continue to support the art! Which will be highly appreciated! :)

Once you make your pledge, the link will be accessible to you on here. If you care to scroll through everything else posted, be my guest! :)


PLEASE! Before you make your pledge expecting to see a specific model's images on here, contact me first! [email protected]
Please have either her name and or image of her to send me so there is no mistake as to who you're looking for.

This is because in some cases, the model requested certain images not be released online (usually due to their job) and I will honor their request. In some cases, you can just find the images on my Facebook page since this page is mainly for those images that cannot be posted on normal social media.

So she may or may not have NSFW images. If you dont see them on here, assume they dont exist.

For those that are unaware, you are not buying images. You are not buying the rights to reproduce or to redistribute them anywhere online or in print. You are simply being allowed access to my files through your pledges. You may download for personal use (backgrounds and such for your cell/laptop/PC) only

20% complete
I want to make this perfectly clear... All monies pledged to me are for going back into my work NOT my pocket! My clients who pay me to shoot their portraits/weddings/events and such pay my current bills. I'm using my art to fund my art. You are not buying and I am not selling. Yes you may download for your own personal viewing, use as backgrounds or screensavers but not for redistribution or re posting in any manner

By reaching this goal on a monthly basis it will allow me to do the following:
Buy new wardrobe/props for shoots
Get studio time when I need it
Compensate traveling models as well as local models and Makeup Artists for shoots
Possibly travel a little to other areas for shoots
Upgrade equipment when I need to

Thank you all for supporting!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts

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