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About Logan Laveau

Hi! I'm a (generally naked) gal based in New York City--a burlesque performer, costume designer, illustrator, and model who lives to create beauty. Creating unique art is what gets me up in the morning; when I'm not performing, I'm sewing/embellishing costumes for burlesque dancers, or I'm styling a special look for a photoshoot. 

Avoiding stagnation like the plague, I am always pushing myself to learn new media and experiment. A self-taught seamstress who is always learning, I also have a Bachelors of Fine Arts for illustration and a musical inclination. To see more of my illustrations, click  here! Through Patreon, you will have the opportunity to see much more of me than you would on any stage or social media (in more than one way!)

The thing I love about being an artist in NYC is that there are so many ways to make a living doing what I'm passionate about. It's amazing that I'm able to share what I do online, though what I post on Instagram and Facebook for free is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of photos I'm unable to share in their original form due to the censorship of social media, but finally, they will be available here! The freelance hustle only goes so far and creating art costs money, sometimes a bit of help goes a long way. That's where you come in--if what I create brings you joy, now you can show me! In return for your patronage, you'll get exclusive content unavailable to non-patrons, and depending on your contribution you can receive:

Every little bit of your support means the world to me, because every second of time spent not worrying about how to pay rent means more time spent growing artistically and share my endeavors with the world. 

Thank you thank you!

Logan Laveau
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Once I reach my first goal I will be able to afford a higher quality camera to record videos, as well as more film for polaroids and other instant photos!
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