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  • Access to every episode published!
  • Access to exclusive podcast!
  • Download of each novel once they're finished!
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About Logan Rutherford

This Patreon is the ultimate Logan Rutherford book club. Every novel I write is serialized, with 10k word "episodes" published every Friday. For just $1 you can read along as I write and publish! You can have the episode delivered to any ereader, tablet, or computer of your choosing. Lots of exclusive content will be added just for my Patrons. This is a great way to support my writing career, and also a great way for me to stay accountable and make sure I'm always writing and publishing new content! We're starting off with my much anticipated book, The Power of the Supers, book 5 of The First Superhero series. 

If serialization isn't your thing, no problem! Absolutely no pressure to join the Patreon. If you'd rather wait until the whole book is out so you can read everything all at once, at the end of the six weeks, the complete and compiled novel will be published on Amazon to be read in its entirety! This is just a way for me to make sure I'm staying accountable and keeping the books flowing, while also offering you the reader access to exclusive content you can't get anywhere else!

Note on editing: Each episode will be looked over by a professional proofreader, however a few typos may slip through the cracks. I cannot promise a 100% typo-free product, although I will do my best to make sure the episodes are to the highest standard. At the end of the six-week "season", the whole novel will be looked over again by a separate editor to remove any of the errors that may remain. This will be the "Amazon-ready" product that will be published for Kindle, and you'll receive as a Tier 2 Patron or above. 

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